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Will a Gilbert, AZ Affordable Plumber Stop Banging Pipes?

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It’s common to hear your plumbing pipes making loud banging noises when you turn off the faucets. This sound comes with a comical name of “water hammer” and is very annoying.

However, it isn't funny and can lead to severe damage to your water system. The more technical term is a hydraulic shock, and it happens when water stops or changes directions rapidly. It makes shock waves, and these travel along your pipes, which wobble and shake. Those that are close together hit each other, and thus you have your water hammer.

The question for homeowners is, "will a Gilbert, AZ affordable plumber stop banging pipes?" Read on below, and you’ll find all you need to know about this sound from your plumbing. You will see what causes it, how it affects your pipes, and how your local plumbing firm can stop it from happening again.


What are the Effects of Water Hammer on My Plumbing Pipes?

When liquids face a sudden stop or a quick change in direction, these changes create massive shockwaves. Any plumbing pipes that are not secure, and are in close vicinity to each other will bang against the closest hard object.

In many cases, it can be when turning on or turning off faucets when this happens; however, it can be changes in water pressure. To be sure, what the reason, your local Gilbert, AZ affordable plumber will take a water pressure reading with a pressure gauge.

These pressures can vary throughout the day and night times being the highest.


What Does Water Hammer Do to My Pipework?

When pipes begin banging together, they can wear away at joints in your pipes. This can cause leaks as pipes begin to stretch apart and pull away from their secure fastenings. If this hammer effect is due to high water pressure, there is a higher risk because water finds the weakest point, and it will pull your pipes apart when you don’t expect it.

Once your affordable plumber pays a visit and checks the pressure, he can determine if he needs to do anything about that before checking joints for leakage.

The two main options are to install either an air chamber or the recommended option of water shock arrestors. These can absorb the shock around vulnerable areas if there is nothing else the plumber can do.


Getting a Gilbert, AZ Plumber Who Can Fix Water Hammer at Night

When this happens because of high water pressure, and you do have a weak pipe. The main times you spring a leak are at night.

While you can quickly isolate the mains water, you need to problem fixed. Be sure to contact Safari Plumbing in the eventuality of this happening. With crews on standby in the area, they can deliver the fastest response for an affordable plumber in Gilbert, AZ.

Water hammer can be a thing of the past, and you can sleep safely with no banging pipes or gushing water to keep you awake.


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