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How Do Queen Creek, AZ Plumbers Unblock Drains?


Most homeowners, tenants, or anyone who has ever lived in a home, will probably have suffered the distress of a blocked drain.

Whether the toilet doesn't flush or sinks don't drain, these plumbing challenges will arise from time to time, and typically requires the skills of a licensed and experienced Queen Creek plumber to remedy.

If you are wondering, "How do Queen Creek, AZ plumbers unblock drains?"

Read on, and you can learn how unblock drains, and why they can do so better than doing it yourself.


Why Do I Have Blocked Drains?

Within a residential property, there are two main types of blockages. For example, an individual drain may be blocked in the kitchen by adding too much food waste to the garbage disposal.

Drains in bathrooms, especially shower drains, are blocked by the hair and other debris. Blockages in multiple pipes indicate that the main sewer lines are blocked. The perpetrators of such blockages tend to be the same from one home to another.

Homeowners frequently demand too much from their drain and sewer pipes for excessive use of toilet paper, paper towels for flushing, and other miscellaneous items that reach our drainage systems.


What Plumbers Use in Queen Creek, AZ to Unblock Drains

A plumber can use several devices for drain unblocking.

  • Manual Drain Snakes: A drain snake, otherwise called a plumber's snake, is a tiny drill that rotates when physically thrust through the blockage. Hand-held drills are beneficial for clearing simple drainage or toilet blockages, displacing debris, and enabling it to flow through the sewer system.
  • Motorized Drain Snakes: A powered snake is carried to the site when a hand-held snake is unable to do the job. Generally, a motorized drain snake can be inserted into a sewer-cleaning port located outside your home. Motorized drills are capable of a peak range of about 150 feet and can clear more significant blockages.
  • Hydro-Jetting Machines: Depending on the plumber's findings, they may skip the two previous methods and go directly to the one solution. They may use video inspections of sewer lines. But, they may go directly to the use of hydro-jetting machines. Hydro-jetting machines utilize high-pressure water jets to blast away any debris in sewer lines from the inside. The hydro-jetting procedure is consequently so complete it rehabilitates your drain and sewer pipes to a near like-new condition.


Who Can Unclog My Drains In Queen Creek, AZ?

If you've tried do-it-yourself remedies and the blockages won't shift. You will find you are frustrated; you have wasted time and money, and you still need to contact your local Queen Creek, AZ plumber.

Professional plumbing companies like Safari Plumbing have the experience and gear to clear the blockage regardless of how bad it is. Contact Safari Plumbing today to schedule your drain cleaning professionals.

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