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Dealing With Burst Pipes in San Tan Valley, AZ


One thing that can happen unexpectedly is burst pipes. If temperatures ever drop, freezing can be one of the more common reasons. However, pipes can split for many reasons, and you may be wondering why. Pipes inside your home can burst and cause an enormous amount of water damage.

Here are some of the ways you can end up dealing with burst pipes in San Tan Valley, AZ, before you call your local professional plumber to fix the issue properly.


Don’t Panic and Turn off the Mains

Burst pipes most often happen when you are least expecting them. This means they gush water for a while before you hear the noise or see part of your home is flooded. Instead of panicking and running around to clear up the water, you need to keep calm and find the mains where you can turn off the water.

If you don’t know where the shutoff is, it is better to learn even if your plumbing is in good condition. On some occasions, you may have a separate shutoff valve before where the leak is happening.


Check the Extent of the Damage from Your San Tan Valley, AZ Burst Pipes

Depending on the amount of water that leaked from the burst pipe, the extent of the damage can be far worse than what you see that is wet. Mold can start to grow within 48-hours, and will cause damage that can’t be repaired if it isn’t prevented.

Drying your home can be harder than a local emergency plumber fixing your burst pipes.


Inspecting the Plumbing with a Professional Plumber

Although the plumber may fix your burst pipe, he will still examine the condition of all your other pipes. When there is water pressure, this quickly finds the weakest point. When the mains is turned back on, it can be cause for another leak in a different area.

Your experienced plumber from San Tan Valley, AZ, will make sure there are no drip or weak spots in your pipes. At the same time, if he sees your home has lead piping, he may advise having this changed.


Calling a Fast Response Plumber in San Tan Valley, AZ

Burst pipes in any home can render the plumbing system useless until the problem has been addressed. This means you will need a plumber quickly so your house can commence operation.

If you find yourself in this situation, contact Safari Plumbing. Being the number one plumbing company in San Tan Valley, you will find you get the quickest response, and the best service to resolve your burst pipes or any other plumbing issue you may have.



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