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Can a Queen Creek, AZ Affordable Plumber Do Leak Detection?


Water damage can be damaging to your home. Never wait for a leaky pipe to come to you. Be proactive in preventing water damage to your home.

Before you look, can a Queen Creek, AZ affordable plumber do the leak detection? Here are some tips you can do yourself to see the extent of a leak, and how quickly, you should call your local plumber.


Check Your Toilets are Not leaking

The first area to check is your toilets. A toilet uses large amounts of water. When they leak, the water usage goes even higher.

Remove the lid and listen for hissing noises. If there is, then try to locate the leak by listening. If there’s no noise, add food coloring to the tank. Wait a while and check the bowl of the toilet.

If the water is a light color, then you have a leak. Usually, these are from the flapper that lets all the water out as you flush. This is a quick job for a professional plumber.


Hot Water Tanks Need an Affordable Plumber in Queen Creek, AZ

Homeowners need to be careful with hot water tanks; however, you can check pressure relief valves to see if any water is dripping. This valve may be hidden, so don't start removing things to get a better look. If you spot water, then you will need the help of a professional plumber.

Hot water and pressure are a bad mix and can cause serious injury. It is better to be safe than sorry, so call your local plumbing company before the problem gets worse.


Meter Lines Can Require Local Plumbing Repair

One of the best ways to detect a leak is by shutting off the mains valve by the meter. If you look at the dial and it continues to spin, you have a leak between the meter and a point inside your home.

If none of your water devices is using water, then you will seriously require a good reliable plumbing company. It may be the case there is digging involved to reach the submerged pipe. Unfortunately, this cost will be with the homeowner as it is on the wrong side of the meter.

Which Plumber to Fix the Leak in Your Queen Creek, AZ Home?

If you believe there’s a water leak in your home, there’s no time to waste. Such a leak can cause serious damage and raise your water bill.

Leak detection isn’t the easiest task and will need a plumbing company that uses leak detection tools. When pipes are hidden, it can be impossible to see these leaks until you have damage.

If you see damp patches, or you want a quick check, contact Safari Plumbing, and the experienced and affordable plumbers will go through all your pipes to check for splits or worn fittings. 

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