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Can San Tan Valley, AZ Plumbing Services Stop Smelly Drains?


Sometimes your drains smell for reasons you can’t fathom. You may think it is the regular culprits of toilets or you have leaking pipes, though sometimes your plumbing smells terrible and you can’t pinpoint it. 

You can find you have smelly plumbing problems for many reasons and some more obvious than others. No matter the cause, no one should need to put up with stomach-churning plumbing aromas.

This leads to the question. “Can San Tan Valley plumbing services stop smelly drains?”

Read on, and you can see four common reasons this happens, and your local San Tan Valley, AZ plumber, can resolve each of them.


Do You Have a Break in Your Sewer Pipes?

All sorts of factors can break down your sewer system. Blockages can develop until pressure causes the system to rupture. Tree roots may spread and break through the pipes, or the pipe may sink into the ground due to soil erosion and rupture.

 A broken sewer system itself can discharge sewage. Sewage stinks, and the odors that flow from the main drains outside the house are the most significant sign of broken sewer pipes.  If you assume you have sewer line breaks, look for clogged toilets, gurgling noises from your drains, and pest problems as well.

 Unfortunately, there are no simple, positive DIY remedies for a sewer pipe break. You should call your local professional plumbers immediately. The professionals will need to dig into your yard or use a trenchless sewer repair. If left unattended, this can become a significant problem.


Your Garbage Disposal May Be the Issue

You toss all kinds of stuff into your garbage disposal. Unfortunately, however, without regular cleaning and maintenance, debris can build up on the inside of garbage disposals. The food waste that may cling to the inside of your disposal may develop an unpleasant stench.  

There are several ways to clean your garbage disposal. However, when you clean your disposal, be sure to disconnect first! A mix of baking soda and vinegar can remove odors, but if this doesn’t work, you need plumbing services who can tend to waste disposals in San Tan Valley, AZ. 



You have Issues with Your Traps

You find these traps right under your sinks or bathtubs. The traps hold enough water to stop gasses and odors rising from your drains. If your traps dry out for any reason, then there may not be any water, and you can find you are leaking gasses or odors into your home.

A reliable San Tan Valley, AZ affordable plumber can check these to make sure you have nothing blocking the trap, or there is no reason for it to dry such as leaks.


Beat that Biofilm Buildup with San Tan Valley, AZ Plumbing Pros

Showers have a host of issues all of their own. You can find you have a biofilm build-up, because of the hair and grime that flows down your drains. The accumulation of shampoo, creams, soaps all help make this “biofilm.” Once you have it, the bacteria grow and accumulate, and it is the bacteria you smell.

An excellent professional plumber can check the pipes to make sure you have no dead spots where these compounds can gather instead of being flushed away easily. Although you can try to clean these yourself, it will still need a company such as Safari Plumbing to clear all the insides of your pipes.

You can find many natural home remedies to fix some of these issues, yet you can make a mess, and you will never do a job as good as your local San Tan Valley, AZ plumbing professional.


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