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Can San Tan Valley, AZ Plumbing Repair Fix Garbage Disposal


Anyone that has owned a home may have wondered why is my garbage disposal humming and not working. The sound of humming garbage disposal is a common residential plumbing problem. It can come for many reasons, and in most cases, it can be fixed.

Read on, and you can find out the reasons your garbage disposal may make funny noises. You will also learn the best San Tan Valley, AZ garbage disposal plumbing repair.


What Makes My Garbage Disposal Hum?

The buzzing that comes out of the garbage disposal is the sound of the motor trying to turn the blades. The buzzing is a signal that the motor has power, but the blades cannot be rotated.

The common reason for the humming in your garbage disposal is something is stuck. Alas, many homeowners tend to use the garbage disposal to crush bone or skin. Therefore, it is prevalent for these pieces to become trapped between the blades.

Even though by-products of food tend to cause, garbage disposals to buzz and be stuck, sometimes-random objects drop in. These can be bottle caps, or possibly a toy that your child accidentally tossed into it. Anything that is stuck needs removing to free the blades and get it working again.

It is here you need a professional plumbing repair to do this. These are dangerous appliances, and it isn't just water and electricity that are mixing. If the blades start once your hands are inside, you can quickly lose your fingers or more.


How Your San Tan Valley, AZ Plumbing Repair Technician Will Fix Your Disposal

One of the first things any plumber will do is to isolate the power to the waste disposal. With the disposal disconnected, he will attempt to remove the object. Although tempting to use fingers, even with no electricity, this should not be tried. If he cannot remove any object, it may be time for him to remove the waste disposal and begin to dismantle it.

Local San Tan Valley plumbing repair specialists know how to take these waste disposal units to pieces and how to assemble them again once they are clean.


Finding a San Tan Valley, AZ Waste Disposal Plumber

If you are lucky, you may find that your plumber can fix the problem and have your unit working without any humming noises.

However, there are occasions when there is nothing he can do, and the noise was your waste disposal dying. If you are unsure if you have this kind of problem, and you want a second opinion, contact Safari plumbing, we are well versed in repairing or replacing faulty waste disposal units for the best San Tan Valley, Plumbing repair.

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